Monthly Photo Challenge – December

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The Monthly Challenge for December is bokeh. There is one thing about this challenge that make it a little more than just bokeh. For this challenge the bokeh must be of either light or snow as shown in the images included with the article.

What Bokeh is:

Bokeh is the out of focus portion of a photo that is a result of the depth of field limitations of a particular lens at certain aperture settings. Generally, the more open the aperture, the more limited the depth of field and correspondingly, the greater the amount of bokeh in the image. Conversely, with most lenses set at the smallest opening (stopped down as far as the lens will allow) there is very little if any bokeh.

What Bokeh isn’t:

• Bokeh isn’t an out of focus image even if the image is out of focus for artistic effect. By its definition, “the out of focus portion of the photo,” there is the suggestion that part of the image is in focus.
• Bokeh isn’t a hazy image where the haze is caused by fog or other natural event although bokeh can be present in an image of a foggy morning.
• Bokeh isn’t lens flare. Lens flare is particularly caused by a very bright light sources either in the image which produces visible artifacts or shining into the lens but not in the image which poduces a haze. Neither are bokeh.

Everyone is encouraged to post their results in the Beyond Megapixels Photo Pool on Flickr, or the Beyond Megapixels Facebook page. Ensure that you tag your photos with “December Photo Challenge”, and PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that if you wish your photograph to be featured in the mid-month contributor’s post, you will need to ensure your photographs are able to be downloaded from Flickr. Otherwise, I cannot obtain the code required to share your photo on the website. The Attribution-NoDerivs Creative Commons license, or the Attribution-ShareAlike license, gives the most protection to your photo, while still allowing it to be downloaded.

Here are some sample photos featuring bokeh.

Photo Credits:

Street Lights by Anders Adermark on Flickr Creative Commons
Child by Luisus Rasilvi on Flickr Creative Commons
Jack Daniels and Bokay by christopherrpark on Flickr Creative Commons
Red Berry in Snow by Pixeltree on Flickr Creative Commons
Stairway Bokeh by Peter’s Pics on Flickr Creative Commons

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