Ten Photography Goals for 2012

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Last week Tiffany invited everyone to grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable. I thought I would suggest something a little stronger as I list my goals for 2012. So grab a cold one and get comfortable. To be very honest, I rarely write down goals but usually have them accessible in my head. Tiffany’s insistence that I write this article forces me to do something that we should all do if our goal is the same or similar to hers – learn, grow and push our boundaries.

1. My goals for this year are being driven by some upcoming major events in my life and photography is playing a very large role as these changes occur. At the end of January my wife and I are retiring and leaving Florida to move back to Texas. So, goal number 1 is to establish a successful photography business in our new location.

2. My second goal, which is a critical part of number 1, is to complete the updating and redesigning of my portfolio. I’ve been working on a new portrait portfolio for the last few months and I’m almost to the point where I’m ready to finalize it. I still need to photograph two or three more subjects but that’s on the calendar for January.

3. The first objective of the photography business is to support my photography habit. Goal number 3 is to make and save enough money to purchase my dream lens, the Canon 500mm f/4L IS II USM. Hopefully the version II will have been released by the time I’ve saved the money needed to purchase it.

4. In November of last year I posted an article called Photography Bucket List. Goal number 4 is to start checking off some of the places on that list. In turn, I’m sure I’ll have to add to the list as well. I already plan to travel to Albuquerque, NM in early October. There I’ll watch and photograph the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. From there it’s an easy drive to Shiprock, New Mexico and Monument Valley.

5. Re-join and re-connect with the nature photography club I belonged to in the 80s. I’ve written before that photography or camera clubs were great places to meet other photographers and learn from them. This relatively small club has monthly field trips, meetings and an annual contest that attracts many nature photographers. Here is a link to the website of the Heard Nature Photographers club

6. Attend seminars. There are people that own and use cameras and there are photographers. I believe that one mark of a photographer is the thirst to learn more and more about photography. I attended two live seminars in 2011 and walked away from both with more knowledge about photography than I had when I arrived.

7. Make more and better use of my Kelby Training membership.

8. While Tiffany and I are business partners with this blog, we’ve never met in person. Goal number 8 is to meet Tiffany and her husband, Bill, and go on a photo excursion with her. Tiffany, see my goal #4.

9. Find a location where it’s dark enough to photograph star trails. It’s something I’ve never done and I really want the experience.

10. Make plans and arrangements to attend Photoshop World in 2013. There is no way I’ll be able to attend in March 2012 with everything that will be going on in my world at the time, but getting a head start on 2013 is a good thing.

Tiffany was able to set twelve goals for herself. If I can accomplish all ten of these I’ll be a very happy camper or photographer if you will.

I hope that Tiffany’s article and this article inspire each of you to set your own photography goals for 2012. Whether they’re modest or somewhat grandiose as mine may be, setting them will give you a direction for next year.

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Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale by KajJr on Flickr Creative Commons

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  • derek byrne

    I’d like to re-find my joy of Photography. Each year starts out ok but than the camera gets picked up less and less.

  • Steve Russell

    Derek, try constructing a photography calendar so that you have a goal of photographing a place, event, or thing each month.  Don’t over do it in the early months.  If something during the year makes you want to get out more, great, but stick to your schedule as well.

  • Sandersmr

    If you are moving to Texas, Big Bend is a great spot for fulfilling #9.

  • Sandersmr

    If you are moving to Texas, Big Bend is a great spot for fulfilling #9.

  • http://www.benjacobsenphoto.com Ben Jacobsen

    Just a heads up about #9.  I’ve always said that myself living in RI and thinking there would be too much light pollution here.  Someone finally told me to just try it so I did one night in my backyard and it actually worked!  I’ve since gone down to some more scenic locations and gotten better shots with trails, but I’ve shot with a city in the background with a full moon up and still gotten decent results.  The moral of the story is try it where you are, you might be pleasantly surprised! 

    Good Luck!
    Ben Jacobsen

  • Steve Russell

    Thanks Sandersmr.  Actually, that’s exactly the place I had in mind.  It also checks off another of #4.

  • Steve Russell

    Great comment, Ben.  I’ll give it a try.

  • http://twitter.com/Larryphoto Larry Lourcey

    Great list!  Welcome to Texas – what part of the state are you heading to?

  • http://www.baylar.com/ Promosyon

    I know you would be achieved these all goals in upcoming year. I am quite impressed with your determination. You need lots of hard work for achieve these all goals. Best of luck for the 2012.