Twelve Goals for 2012

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Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable, because it’s time once again to start thinking about our goals for the new year! I can’t believe 2012 is just a few weeks away – where did the year go? I do one of these lists every year, because I want to continue to learn and grow, and push my own boundaries. I encourage you to do the same. Here are my top twelve photography-related goals (I refuse to call them “resolutions”!), in no particular order:

One – Turn one of our spare bedrooms into an in-home studio – which will require studio strobes and other fun accessories!

Two – Add to my portfolio, but keep in mind that I need to be stingy. Only the best of the best!

Three – Keyword and tag my archived photos (Lordy, that’s going to be a BIG project!).

Four – Do something charitable with my photography – volunteer for animal shelters or other causes that are near to my heart.

Five – Take a live, in-person workshop. On-line is all well and good, but in-person is even better.

Six – Get a macro lens. I love macro photography so much, and yet I’ve prioritized other lens purchases!

Seven – Enter a photo contest. Be brave enough to submit my work for judgement.

Eight - Better utilize my Kelby Training membership! So many videos, so little time…

Nine - Fully define my personal photographic style. I can’t perfect it if I don’t know what it is!

Ten - Take more photos of my family, and get MYSELF into some of those shots!

Eleven - Take a monthly photo excursion – get up early, get out there, take advantage of the Golden Hour to get great shots!

Twelve - Get a micro four-thirds or a great point-and-shoot, so I will have a camera with me at all times. I miss so much just because I don’t want to lug around my DSLR.

Did any of my personal goals for next year spark your interest and imagination? What are you photographic plans for 2012? Feel free to share in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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