Your Weekend Photography Project – Get Low

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I took this shot while balancing precariously with one foot a rock, the other foot on a branch, camera held down at a level lower than my feet. There was no way to look through the viewfinder to compose the shot, of course. So I set the camera on aperture priority (f/2.8), zoomed it all the way out (55mm), held the camera as steady as I could while I pressed the shutter halfway, and let the auto-focus do its thing. Once I could feel that the auto-focus had set (photography by feel! we use all of our senses!) I fully pressed the shutter button. I had no idea what kind of picture I would get, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this:

So I did it again:

And again:

I discovered that I LOVE looking at the world this way – almost like my camera is a sentient being, and this is what it’s like to see the world through its eyes (or, well, eye). By applying our knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, perspective, and camera functionality we can take wonderful pictures without even looking through the viewfinder.

This weekend I challenge you to get low with your camera, and see what sort of images you can create without even looking! We would love to see your results on our Facebook Page.

Photos copyright Tiffany Joyce.

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