The Buzz on the new 5D Mark III and 600EX-RT

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I hope in the very near future to get my hands on an actual Canon EOS 5D Mark III, which is selling for a whopping $3,500.00 for JUST the body (available for pre-orders, it’s expected to officially release sometime in April 2012) . From what I hear, it’s worth every penny:

- 22.3 megapixel full frame
- An unprecedented ISO range (50-102,400 – yes, you read that right)
- 61-point auto-focus
- Enhanced weather and dust resistance
- An intelligent metering system that takes color and luminosity into account
- Enhanced HD Video
- High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode
- In-camera RAW processing

The guys from DigitalRev have provided a hands-on first impression (Kai cracks me up):

Canon 5D Mark III Hands-on First Impression

If you prefer a less entertaining but still informative video, check out this preview from DPreview:

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Preview by

It’s interesting to note that the 5D Mark III wasn’t the only exciting announcement to come out of Canon’s latest press release. They’ve also announced a new flagship speedlight – the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT which offers, among other things, the ability to wirelessly control up to five flash groups using radio wave communication. They’ve also improved upon the user-friendliness of the controls and menus. It’s retailing for around $630 bucks and is available for pre-order (again, the official release date is anticipated to be sometime in April).

Canon USA’s Chuck Westfall demonstrates some of the new features:

Canon 5D Mark III Review: Canon 600EX flash modes

Here’s one from Matt Granger at Fotograf:

New Canon 600EX-RT is a strobist dream come true!

So what do you think? Are these products worth all the hoopla, or is it just much ado about nothing? Will you save your pennies for these new whizzy-bang toys from Canon, or stick with the tried-and-true that you’ve got?

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  • Chris Oaten

    That’s not an unprecedented ISO range. 1D has it.