Weekend Project – Pattern Interrupted

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This weekend, train your photographic eyes to find pleasing patterns and unique interruptions in patterns.

Patterns can be abstract or specific, and occur naturally or are constructed. They create a path for the eyes to follow, and are heavily dependent on lines and angles to inspire interest. There is especial allure created in a pattern that is interrupted – something surprising that breaks the pattern yet emphasizes it at the same time. Patterns also make great backgrounds for portraits (which is why it’s so popular to photograph folks against a brick wall).

Fill the entire frame with the pattern, which follows the composition rules of balance and of simplicity. Keep in mind that while you are striving for simplicity, if it’s too simple it discourages interest. Look for patterns in contrast, shape, size, and color. Look for a juxtaposition between naturally occurring patterns and a man-made interruption (or vice-versa).

Here are some great examples from Flickr Creative Commons:

Go forth and discover patterns in your surroundings! And please share your photos with us in our Flickr Group or on our Facebook Page. Have fun!

Photo Credits (in order of appearance):
- “Pattern Explored” by Vinoth Chandar
- “Sand Drift Pattern” by Mike Baird
- “Today’s repeating pattern” by Kevin Dooley
- “Does it come in red?” by Thad Roan
- “Launching pad” by Howie Le
- “Interrupt” by David Goehring
- “Breaking the pattern” by Cornelia Nesseth

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