Your Weekend Photography Project – Ordinary Objects

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There is something very challenging about finding the extraordinary within the ordinary. You have to slow down, look a little closer, and examine every object with the knowledge that there is something about it that is worthy of fascination. Photographers take pictures of ordinary, every day objects in order to train their eyes to see past the mundane and into that little something more that is waiting to be discovered. In doing so, they help us to see our own world through new and curious eyes. They inspire us to see the subtleties of beauty all around us, made even more beautiful simply because of that subtlety.

This weekend I encourage you all to open your photographer’s eye to the beauty of ordinary objects.

As always, we’d love to see your photos! Please feel free to share them in our Flickr Group or on our Facebook Page.

Photo credits (in order of appearance):
- “Wet pebble from the garden on black leather” by Simon Dean Media on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “So delicate, it made me cry” by ElbtheProf on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “3rd Class Train Travel” by yeowatzup on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Chair-Porta” by Wayne Wilkinson on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Macro bass #2″ by Atomic Puppy on Flickr Creative Commons.

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    Just an ordinary bench:

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