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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 comes with a bunch of great presets, and I find myself using a combination of four of them fairly often. I decided to create a custom preset that incorporates all four presets, so I can apply the effects with a single click.

For a lot of my landscape photos, I like the effect achieved when I apply the Auto Tone, Punch, Sharpen-Scenic and Vignette 1 presets.

Here’s a photo of the Grand Tetons straight-out-of-camera:


Here is the same photo with those four presets applied:


Now, the only thing I have to do to save this as my own custom preset is click on the little plus sign on the header of the Presets panel. When the dialogue box appears I name my preset (in this case I’ll call it “Intense Boost”) and click on Create. Click to enlarge:

Now “Intense Boost” shows up in the Presets panel under “User Presets”, and I can apply it to any photo with a single click.

If you find yourself using the same post-processing steps over and over in many of your photos, creating a custom preset will save you a lot of time!

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Photos copyright Tiffany Joyce

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  • Craig Mullenbach

    Thanks! I also edited the camera default so anything I import gets some things applied right from the start. It’s camera specific so that when I import from different camera it applied unique settings.

  • checkmysnaps