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It’s autumn here in the United States. I love the long light of fall. It seems to have more depth, making the golden hour more “golden”. There may be a scientific reason for this, or it might just be a product of my own emotions. Regardless, lately I’ve been inspired to include a little bit of sun flare in my photos. It just seems to fit with the atmosphere of the season.

The great thing about adding flare to a photo is that what you see is what you get. You can move yourself or your camera around as you look through the lens, and there is no mystery involved in achieving the effect. You can see it right there in front of you when you press the shutter button. These photos were taken in my grandmother’s back yard a couple of weeks ago, at 5:45 in the afternoon. Once I spotted that light there was no way I couldn’t run inside to grab my camera.

So, I’m offering a challenge for this week. Please contribute your own fall photos that include sun flare on our Facebook page, or in our Flickr Group. Make sure you include an email address with your contribution! I will accept contributions up until midnight Pacific time on Sunday October 21st. Then on Monday October 22nd I will randomly choose a winner from the contributors, who will receive ALL THREE of the following books, which are great for beginner photographers:

- How to Photograph Absolutely Everything

- Photography: The New Complete Guide to Taking Photographs

- How to Succeed in Commercial Photography: Insights from a Leading Consultant

The winner will be announced by Friday October 26th on our Facebook page, and contacted via email. Good luck, and enjoy this glorious fall weather! Or, if it isn’t autumn where you live, enjoy capturing sun flare and the long light of the golden hour, wherever you are!

Photo credits: Tiffany Joyce

*The Author did NOT receive any products or compensation in exchange for offering these items in this contest. The Author purchased these items with personal funds. This is not an advertisement.

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