Your Photographic Style – Contest Finalists

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Hello everyone! The finalists for the “Your Photographic Style” contest have been chosen! Please vote below, or click here to vote for your favorite between now and December 6th! (WordPress is defying me, otherwise the poll would be embedded here.) (Edited 2:26pm – looks like it’s working now!) You can click on each photo within the poll to enlarge it and get a better look.

You can vote for your own photo, but please only vote once. Tell your family! Tell your friends! Send everyone you know over to the poll to cast their vote!

There will be three prizes:

Third Place: $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate

Second Place: $50.00 Amazon Gift Certificate

First Place: $100.00 Amazon Gift Certificate

The winner will be announced on December 7th, with the gift certificates emailed immediately.

Good luck to everyone!

All photos copyright their respective owners. This is not a sponsored post.

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  • Stacy Summers

    Thanks for inspiration! )))