Happy Holidays from Beyond Megapixels!

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Happy holidays from all (two) of us at Beyond Megapixels! I hope everyone has a safe, fun, stress-free Christmas and New Year’s. Here’s what’s coming up on Beyond Megapixels for 2013:

- Setting and achieving your photographic goals for 2013
- Sequence photography
- Vertical panoramas
- Focus stacking
- One day spent with a specialty lens (series)
- How sharp is sharp?
- Why you should have a full frame AND a crop sensor camera
- The value and fun in a point-and-shoot camera
- 35, 50, or 85mm?
- Photoshop CS6 tutorials
- Lightroom 4 tutorials
- Monthly contests and giveaways
- And much, much more!

Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Josh Hinds on Flickr Creative Commons.

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