A Study in Leading Lines

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The purposeful use of leading lines encourages the viewer’s eyes to travel along a specific path. Test it upon yourself… look at this photo of flowers:

The image is pretty and colorful, but does not compel your eyes to fall on any one place or follow any particular aspect. Now look at this photo:

The lines of the bridges, the rail trestles, and their reflections in the water all encourage you to follow their length to the horizon.

Now, this photo uses an appealing application of lines, but does not use leading lines to encourage the eyes to follow along a specific path:

In this photo, however, your eyes are encouraged to follow the sweep of the bridge from the top right to the center left:

In this photo, you can almost feel your head tilting up to look at the apex of the structure:

Experiment with the use of leading lines to direct your viewer’s eyes where you want them to go. Share your photos with us on our Facebook Page or in our Flickr Group!

All photos copyright Tiffany Joyce.

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