Your Weekend Project – Motion

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Hi friends! Another Friday is upon us, and that means it’s time for your Weekend Project. This weekend, the subject is “Motion”.

Stop motion, or show motion. Take photos while in motion, or of something in motion around you. Create light trails, do long exposures of traffic or star trails, or freeze someone in midair as they jump on a trampoline.

Here are a few articles to help you out:

- Back to Basics – Five Tips to Freeze Action and Motion
- Tips for Action Photography
- How To Photograph a Waterfall
- Beginner Tips for Better Photography
- Intermediate Tips for Better Photography
- Your Weekend Project – Drip Drip Drop

When you’re done, be sure to share your shots with us on our Facebook Page or Flickr Group. There’s even a discussion topic started specifically to share January 2013 Weekend Project photos. Have fun!

Photo credits (in order of appearance):
- “Light Trails” by William Warby on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “The Doctor” by Tiffany Joyce
- “Me on Trampoline by D. Sinclair Terrasidius on Flickr Creative Commons.

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