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Hi all! First off, I have a fun announcement. We have launched a brand new Google+ Community for Beyond Megapixels. Everyone is welcome to join, share photos, and talk about all of the things we’re learning about photography. Please head on over and join the conversation!

Next week we’re going to talk a bit about focus, and the difference between focus and sharpness. To gear us up, this weekend’s project topic is “soft focus”. Use soft focus techniques to capture a quieter, mellower mood in your photographs. This can be achieved using specialized lenses or by applying a film or gel to the lens, or it can be created in Photoshop using various techniques such as gaussian blur. The Lensbaby lineup of lenses are great at achieving this effect, too!

Here are a couple of past articles to help you out:

- The Beauty of Soft Focus

- Review – Lensbaby Composer Pro.

When you’re done, be sure to share your shots with us on our Facebook Page or the January 2013 Weekend Project discussion thread in our Flickr Group. Or, as previously mentioned, join our brand new Google+ community! Have fun!

Photo credits (in order of appearance):

- “Plum Blossom using Minolta Varisoft Rokkor 85mm f2.8 Soft focus lens” by SM Whang on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Auld Dubliner” by Tiffany Joyce
- “Oliver” by Tiffany Joyce
- “Soft Focus” by Jayashree Shankar on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Iron Fence” by Tiffany Joyce

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