One Day With A Macro Lens

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I spent a full day this past weekend carrying around my Canon EOS 7D
with a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens attached. I simply love everything about this lens, and I wanted to demonstrate that it has uses far beyond flowers, insects, and light boxes. It also works great for portrait or street photography, and brings a unique perspective as a walking-around lens.

While there were one or two occasions where I needed to switch to manual focus to capture the precise focal point I wanted, for the most part I switched between the 0.5m-infinity and the 0.3-0.5m auto-focus settings. The lens rarely hunted for focus, which was achieved quickly and quietly. It is weighted and balanced nicely. The length only became a little bit awkward when I attached the lens hood, which extends the length of the lens a full eight inches from the body (the lens alone is five inches).

My husband and I went to a classic car show in downtown Chandler Arizona, ran some errands, played with the pups in the back yard (the photos are of Piper, the little female pit bull we fell in love with from Halo Animal Rescue last week – our Belgian Malinois Bailey, who was featured in our Pet Photography 101 article, didn’t feel like sitting still for a photo), and then ended the day at our favorite pub. I had fun during post-processing conducting a sort of “Where’s Waldo” hunt for myself in the various reflections.

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All photos copyright Tiffany Joyce.

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  • Sue McB –

    I really like your car images – well done. When my kids gave me my little 550d a couple of years ago, they also gave me this lens as I had been trying to take close ups with my little point and shoot. It is my favourite lens of all time, and is used most days to take amazing shots of insects, tiny frogs and flower bits. It is also great for portaits, amazingly sharp and gives a wonderful bokeh. My son uses it sometimes on his 1D and those are truly remarkable. One for your wish list!

  • Brian Smith

    One of my best suggestions is One Week One Lens. Pick a single focal length and shoot with it for an entire week. It’s a great lesson for photographers who think they need to own every lens ever made.