Your Weekend Project: Love in Black and White

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Hi all! In honor of Valentine’s Day I am posting your weekend project on Wednesday instead of Friday. Use the format of black and white photography to capture a special moment with the ones you love. Take a photo while you’re on a date with your significant other, or catch your children hand crafting valentines at the kitchen table. Take a macro shot of the little candy hearts ubiquitous of this holiday. Have fun with the subject!

Here are some articles to help inspire you:

- A Splash of Color in Lightroom
- How to Shoot Black & White With Digital Cameras – Part One and Part Two
- What Makes Black and White So Special
- Photoshop CS3 – Create a Black and White Image

Be sure to share your shots with us on our Facebook Page, the Weekend Project discussion thread in our Flickr Group, or in our Google+ community! Have fun!

Photo Credit: Nina Matthews on Flickr Creative Commons.

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