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Wow! We received some truly incredible entries for the Best Macro Shot contest! In fact, we had more entries for this contest than for any other contest that we’ve ever held on this site! Choosing the winner was really tough, so before I announce who that is, I would like to share some of the great photographs that were submitted.

Water Drops by Pixel Boy Photography

“Waterdrop” by Pixel Boy Photography. In the description, the photographer explains that the drops of water were created using a syringe. I love the depth of field, the reflection in the large center drop, and the color cast used in this photograph.

Up or Down by The Edge

“Up or down… or just stuck in the middle” by The Edge is a fantastic example of simplicity and composition. The minute striations on the snail’s shell are tack sharp. Great use of dual complimentary colors, too.

“Yellow Fellow” by G. Curt Fiedler is a great study in plane focus. From left to right you can see focus points along the outer and inner edge of the wing, as well as the compound eyes and jaw. It’s not easy to catch an action shot of one of these creatures!

Balanced by Sue McB

“Balanced” by Sue McB shows a tiny frog contemplating a leap from his perch. You can even see his tiny little toe pads. The texture of his skin, complemented by the beaded water, is terrific too. Sweet shot!

Bzzzz Crop by Dennis

“Bzzzz Crop” by Dennis Tolson is a great example of the color and texture that can be found in the contemplation of tiny creatures. That Dennis could focus in so tight on such a small insect such that the focus falls off directly behind its wings is a testament to the photographer’s skill.

I see red by funky helper monk

“I see red” by Funky Helper Monk. Right away the subject and composition just grabbed me. There’s just so much to see in this photograph – the detail of the iris and lashes, the poise of the water drop with the eye focused on it, the use of color… it’s just a really cool shot. The photographer describes the use of extension tubes and a flash bounced from the ceiling to achieve this shot.

Water drops by Yogesh Jadhav

Yogesh Jadhav contributed this image of water drops on a spider web. The dark background works really well to highlight the individual drops and strands.

By Rob C. Stanfield

Rob C. Stanfield’s image of two flies getting frisky garnered the most comments on our Facebook Page. Timing is everything, right Rob?

Everyone contributed such great shots, I really wish I could acknowledge everyone with a prize. But with only one copy of The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers to give away I had to decide upon a single winner. And that winner is…

I see red by funky helper monk

“I See Red” by Funky Helper Monk! I just kept getting drawn back to the unique nature of the subject and composition, and the skill of execution. So, great job Mr. Monk! (And great Flickr name.) Please e-mail me with your mailing address so I can send you your prize!

Thanks again to everyone who contributed, this was one of the best contests we’ve ever held. Stay tuned, our next contest will be announced soon!

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