The Maine Coast

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Hello friends! I’m back from my vacation on the Maine Coast. There is probably some sort of scientific explanation that has to do with global positioning and the subsequent direction of the light coming from the sun, but it just seems to me that the quality of light in the northeastern United States is just so much better than what I experience here in Arizona. The long, long twilight (at least, during this time of year), the sunshine filtering through dozens of hues of green, the shimmer of the ocean, even the overcast days imbued the light with such… I don’t know, depth. Every color was richer, every shadow more emphatic.

Or it could just be that I’m in love with Maine. Rose colored glasses and all that.

There’s a running joke among my family and friends to say to me, “Your camera takes such great pictures!” when I present them with a shot that I’m particularly proud of. They know, as do you, that I HATE it when people say that. It’s the photographer, not the camera, who takes pictures, right? Hence the teasing. It’s all done out of love.

It did seem, though, that I could do no wrong with my camera during this trip. A combination of the setting, the light, and my sheer love of the place provided days upon days of great shooting. I’d love to share some of my shots with you now. And if you’d like to see the full set, check out my Maine June 2013 set on Flickr. To view larger sizes, just click on any image.

Bar Harbor at night

This is the view from our hotel room in Bar Harbor, during one of those long twilights I mentioned.

Wind and Spirit

I had a particular fascination with this fishing boat, the “Wind and Spirit”, moored in Bar Harbor.

Atop Cadillac Mountain

The view of Frenchman’s Bay from atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.

Fort Popham

My obsession with the arches within Phippsburg’s Fort Popham continues unabated.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

As does my fascination with the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.

Pemaquid with Roses

Wild roses are blooming all over Maine right now.

Bailey Island Sunset

The sunsets as viewed from our cottage on Bailey Island were nothing short of spectacular, almost every night. Believe it or not, this shot is straight out of the camera. Mother nature renders Photoshop obsolete, sometimes.

Camden Harbor

Camden Harbor, as viewed from Camden Deli’s rooftop deck.

Bailey Island

A stunning property on Bailey Island, another long twilight, and the moon.

All photos copyright Tiffany Joyce.

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  • Joe S

    Maine is a beautiful state and a great place for photography!