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The BASICS of Nature Photography

The following post was submitted by Kendall Adams and you can see more of his photography here. Copyright 2010 Kendall Adams 5 key points to consider: 1. Whatever your subject matter in Nature may be, take the time to research it… thoroughly. Having a working knowledge of your subject will allow you to plan for […]

Annoying people with your photography habit

I’ve learned over the years that there’s sometimes a fine line between enjoying your love of photography and just flat out annoying the pants off of the people around you. Depending on who those people are, different things may either make them curious about what you’re doing, make them think you’re crazy, or make them […]

Composition Tip – Avoid Mergers

Okay, this just looks weird. This is an EPIC example of a classic composition no-no – a “merger”. This poor giraffe looks like it has two heads, when really his buddy was standing behind him and looking off at an angle. But because of the way the shot was composed, what you see is just […]

Wildlife Photography FUNdamentals

The following post was submitted by Kevin Ebi and you can see more of his photography here. Photographing wildlife can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s also extremely challenging. Even if you’re lucky enough to find the animal you’re looking for, it may not be in the mood to pose for you. The challenging times are […]

Easter photography

I know that not everyone celebrates Easter, but please forgive and indulge me because Easter happens to be one of my favorite days as far as holiday photography goes. Sure, Christmas is fun and Halloween is my favorite holiday to celebrate, but Easter is so full of color. If you’re lucky you get to enjoy […]

Webdesign: Stinge Sitebuilder

Over the last few months we tried to introduce a new web service where we could build sites that were custom made. This approach didn’t work and we decided to look around for another alternative where we would partner with another company. BeyondMegapixels has decided to work with Stinge Sitebuilder. Our main reason for choosing […]

Shooting seasonally

It’s an obvious statement, but many of us have to alter our photography based on the seasons. If you live in a climate that is fairly steady all year round then you won’t necessarily notice too much difference, but in a place like my home area – Eastern Canada – we have wildly varied weather […]

Have Fun With Your Camera This Weekend!

I think it’s time to get out there and have some fun this weekend, my friends! We work hard, we have busy lives, but at the end of the day you really have to say to yourself, “Am I having any fun?” Well, are you? Last weekend, my husband and I went to the Phoenix […]

April Photo Challenge

Happy April! Today’s article is no April Fool’s joke, though. It’s time for another photo challenge! Each month we feature a month-long “challenge”: one photographic “theme” in which participants are encouraged to take photos of a certain subject or concept, and one “technical challenge” in which participants will use a certain photography technique. Contributors can […]

Creative Cropping

There are occasions when the judicious use of cropping techniques can mean the difference between keeping and discarding a photograph. For the most part, unless you’re including the entire scene as the subject of the photograph, it is best to fill the frame with the subject as much as possible. Doing so will take a […]