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Your February Photo Challenge Contributions

The February 2010 Photo Challenge Subject is “motion”, and the Challenge Technique is “long exposure”. The challenge runs all month long, so there’s still plenty of time to share your shots! I thought I would feature some of the contributions that have been posted to the Flickr Group thus far: This image, by SusZ Photoist, […]

Curing Photographer’s Block

Writers aren’t the only folks who suffer from a “block” on occasion. It happens to photographers, too. There are times when we pick up the camera but aren’t inspired to shoot. We know we want the satisfaction of clicking shutters and full memory cards, but we’re just not feeling it at the moment. Here are […]

What Would You Do for the Shot?

I’ve seen some pictures out there that HAD to have put the photographer in a pretty precarious position in order to get the shot. I’ve seen cars rigged with all sorts of miscellaneous structural devices that place the camera outside of the car with the passenger holding a remote shutter release from the inside. I’ve […]

Should we add a forum?

I have been tormenting myself the last few weeks as to whether or not I should add a forum to our site, I have just about had it as to trying to work out whether it makes sense I thought the only sure way to be certain was to ask readers. If you could please […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, and Elsewhere

Hello, friends! First, let me wish you all a very happy Valentine’s day. I hope that you all will spend it in the exact way that will make you the happiest. Secondly, I wanted to share with you all some links of things that are being talked about in the realm of photography, elsewhere: – […]

Comparing Two Canon Lenses

I had the opportunity to try out, compare, and contrast two different lenses a couple of weeks ago: the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens, and the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Lens. Both are considered among the best general purpose lenses available on the market today. With their somewhat similar focal length and […]

Composition Tips – Simplicity

When composing a powerful or memorable photograph, keeping things simple often accomplishes the highest impact. The viewer can identify the subject of the photograph more easily, and appreciate its qualities. A photograph that is composed with simplicity in mind will often draw the viewer’s attention and emotion in a more significant way than a shot […]

Adding atmosphere to situations and landscapes

This post was submitted by Bob Campbell and if you would like to see more of his photography you can check it out here. Adding atmosphere to situations and landscapes is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now but have not had the chance due to the weather conditions of New England. […]

Poll – What Will You Photograph Next?

As photographers, we are always trying to expand our horizons and break free from our comfort zones. We at Beyond Megapixels would like to know, what photography subject will you challenge yourself with next? Vote in our poll, and leave more details in the comments! Click Here for PollOnline SurveyEnterprise Feedback Management | Website Polls […]

Photographer Focus: Devilicious-g

This post was submitted by Ghada Abdulkhaleq and you can check out more of her photography here or on her facebook fan page here.   We Dream Too I have been always in love with animals, specially cats and kittens, I do have a sweet connection with them, and most people say I do look […]