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My Dream Photo Studio

When it comes to photography equipment, I’ve had a nasty case of “Want Disease” for just about my entire life. Waaaaaay back in the day, before digital photography, I wanted my own darkroom. An enlarger, developing trays, chemical sinks, black bags, the whole nine yards. I envisioned myself cast in the red glow of the […]

Add a Signature to your Digital Photos

For finished pieces, I like to add my signature to the final version of a photograph. I have learned an easy and handy way to turn my signature into a brush (in Photoshop CS3, also common to other versions) so that adding it to an image is as easy as a single click. First you […]

Gems – Black and White

I wanted to share some great black and white photographs that I’ve come across during this week’s perusal of Flickr’s “Creative Commons”. Most of these are from amateur and hobbyist photographers who have a great eye for composition and a natural talent. I’d like to acknowledge these photographers for their creativity. For more incredible black […]

Five Photography Websites I Rely On

I find myself going back to the same handful of photography-oriented websites on a daily basis. I thought it would be great to share them with you all, and perhaps get some good tips from readers on the photography websites that you rely upon. In no particular order: B&H Photo. This is my go-to source, […]

Photo vs. Image

Many traditional photographers consider a “photograph” as a picture that has not been retouched or altered in any way, that remains completely unedited in the original version that came straight out of the camera. Whereas an “image” is any type of photograph or picture that has been digitally altered in any way, whether that alteration […]

Four Ways to Save Your Photos

If you’re like me, you have an innate sense of paranoia when it comes to your digital photo files. A permanent, irreversible hard drive crash and melt-down is up at the top of my List of Things to Fear, along with a house fire or similar event in which my precious memories (and livelihood) are […]

Renting Glass – It’s Easier Than You Think

I took this picture (the Grand Tetons in Wyoming) with a wide-angle lens: I took this picture (Upper Falls in Yellowstone National Park) with a telephoto lens: I own neither a wide-angle lens, nor a telephoto lens. In preparation for a 3026 mile road trip through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado this summer, I […]

Manual Mode – Overcoming the Intimidation

When I first purchased my Canon Digital Rebel, a little over two years ago, it represented a significant step up from the point-and-shoot model that I owned previously. As a novice to photography, I was content to use the automated settings on the dial. For months I shot in Program Mode, which set the shutter […]

Prajneet (RIP): A great person, photographer and friend.

Over the last few months I have had the privilege to work with a great person in Prajneet. Prajneet was passionate about photography and he loved writing for BMP, he especially loved interacting with the community. I tried to find the original application form that Prajneet sent me when applying for the BMP blogger position. […]

Photo paper: RedRiverPaper

Recently I got contacted by RedRiverPaper to do a review of their paper. I have included a snippet from the email that they sent me below. We make premium photo inkjet papers that are as good or better than the retail brands that cost up to 40% less. I’m always a little skeptical of companies […]