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Photography is exhilarating in my opinion.

It’s moving, beautiful, horrific, and especially thought provoking.So many things go into taking a photo.  These days photography seems to be more popular than ever, with Myspace and Facebook giving users the opportunity to post pictures of whatever they like.I find photography to be an amazing form of art, nothing like it’s cousins. One picture […]

Finding Equipment for Underwater Photography

A friend recently returned from a trip to Mexico with loads of photos from a scuba diving expedition. They weren’t taken with one of those ubiquitous waterproof disposable cameras, however, but instead with a digital point and shoot created just for those who like to bring their cameras along diving, hiking and on just about […]

Budget Lens Recommendation: Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.5-5.6 IS

Continuing our recommendations for budget lenses, today we talk about budget telephoto lenses. Most ‘good’ telephotos out there today are VERY expensive. And there’s a reason for that too – they’re sharper, faster, focus better, and are built to last. But of course one needs at least a temporary solution till the time you get […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday is back!

I was just going through the previous posts that Cass had made on BMP, and I came across her Inspiration Board posts. I actually have something similar.. Earlier, I used to cut out pictures from newspapers and magazines that I really liked for some reason (without thinking much what that reason was) and as I […]

Tips for Buying Used Photographic Equipment

Following up on our previous post on buying refurbished and particularly used equipment, here are some tips for you to make the right choice when buying used photographic gear. Michael Zhang over at PetaPixel has written two great posts which cover all major aspects that one needs to be aware of when purchasing second hand. […]

Getting Pro Equipment at half price!

Photography is without a doubt, a very expensive hobby, especially if your hobby doesn’t earn you anything (which of course would make it a profession and not a hobby). Anyways, the fact is that not everyone can afford all the expensive equip involved. But it is also a fact that many do end up with […]

Fantastic Silhouettes!

Here are some fantastic, dramatic and creative silhouettes that should inspire you to study and play with shape and form. Photo by mugley Photo by L*U*Z*A* Photo by L*U*Z*A* Photo by FreeWine Photo by Petra Photo by Mark Sebastian Photo by *Sean Photo by vramak Tweet

20 Great Themes For Your Photo Book

  Do you have thousand photos in your computer? Why don’t do make a photo book that you can see and use every day? Here are some great titles and themes for your next photo book. 1. My Recipes Combine your love of food with your love of photography. Making your own cook book can […]

8 Tips for Photographing babies

Babies are and always will be the cutest subjects a photographer can find. Of course the flip side is that they hardly keep still and are difficult to settle for a picture. Nonetheless, their cute pink faces and big eyes work like magic pills and drain you of all your stress. I’m sure most of […]

Book Review: Digital Photo Secrets by David Peterson

A big HI! to all our readers. Today we have for you a book review. The book being talked about is “Digital Photo Secrets – Tips only the pros know about taking photos easily” written by David Peterson. The book is available as a hard copy as well as an e-book. Getting straight to the […]