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Beyond the childhood clichés

Firstly, thanks Vernon for the invite to do a spot of guest writing here on BMP! Out of all the topics I could possibly write about in the vast photographic world- I have decided just on the spur of the moment, to write about the psychology and sociology of the children’s portraiture photo session and […]

100 STEPS TO IYP – Post Processing

So here we are, back after a long gap. For this lesson of the IYP series, we focus on a very important aspect of photography – Post Processing. Post processing is an important part of photography. If you don’t agree, I would request you through this post and the comments that follow. I’m sure you’ll […]


Greetings … Gareth from The Celtic Camera Photography here. Before we get under way, I’d like to take a moment to thank Vernon for asking me to guest blog here on “Beyond Megapixels … truly a spiffy thing, sure! Today I’m going to show you how to create an HDR photo from a single image. […]

What the Duck!

I had a great start to the week, when a friend sent me a link to this comic strip featuring a photographer duck! Many of you may have heard of it earlier, but many may have not, which is why the post. I’ve never been a comic book fanatic, but yeah I’ve read my share […]

Painting with light!

Hi all! This post is a follow-up to our recent post on ‘Creativity with LEDs’, and is for those who are wondering how to get results like those. Contained in the following paragraphs is the ‘secret recipe’ to becoming a pro light painter!  Man that sounds awesome… “I’m a painter… I paint with light..!” Enough […]

Photographer Diaries: A Special Thank You Note!

The moment of truth is finally here. What I’ve been working for for the past ‘seems like forever’ long.. that which has given me sleepless nights.. that which had given me good dreams and nightmares (the last of which I had a couple of hours back!).. that which will be my most prized possession (along […]

Creativity with LED’s..!

With lightpainting having gained mass popularity, everyone’s trying their hands on it.. after all, all you  need is a camera that allows you to change exposure time! And with everyone trying stuff like this, there’s bound to be a flood of pictures.. and as a result, you get to see some brilliant displays of creativity, […]

Shooting Fireworks!

Shooting Fireworks!Fireworks! As a kid, they were one of the most amazing things ever. They still are, only that I’m against fireworks on Diwali because everyone does them and that really isn’t very good for either the environment, or the people. Commercial displays however, are still OK from an environmental point of view, and FABulous […]

Survey: Please give feedback!

 Hi Everyone Below are a number of questions that I would appreciate you answering. Feedback is the only thing I can use to measure how well the site is doing. If you would like to give more feedback please add a comment to the post. Tweet

Buying your first SLR..

Most of you may know that I myself am buying my very own dSLR for the first time, and hence have been doing a whole lot of research on the topic. My research ended with this article I came across a day or two ago. In the article Vandit Kalia says “In this article, I’ve tried […]