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Guest Bloggers: Wanted!

Over the last couple of months we have been exploring the possibility of allowing people to guest post on our site. If you would like to contribute a post to our site please feel free to contact us using the form here. Tweet

Photography in the News: Walking Classes

Before I jump into today’s post I wanted to apologize for not posting Thursday and Friday.  I had posts scheduled to be published using the tool Windows Live! but publish they did not.  So you’ll get a double dose of Beyond Megapixels a few times this week.  Does anyone use an application to do your […]

Lens Hood

The day that my Nikon D40x was delivered by Fedex I opened up the box, took out the lens, attached it to the body of the camera and then I had this extra piece.  I didn’t know what the extra piece was and I had a new camera so I didn’t really care.  A year […]

Readers Picture: Ocean Silhouette

Photographer: Yuki Kawasaki Website: yukisphotos Picture Details: Focal Length 32.00mm Aperture F/16 Exposure Time 1/5 White Balance Auto ISO 100 Flash Off Audience Question: Posted for everyone’s enjoyment! Note: If you would like to submit photo please fill out this form. Tweet

Inspiration Board Tuesday: #3 the Signs of Spring

This weeks photo challenge is #3 on my massively long list of photo challenges.  Shooting the Signs of Spring.  Am I living in a dream world where Spring happens in NY at the end of February?  Yes.  I am.  Happily, thank you very much.  But spring is happening some places in the US right now. […]

Photography in the News: You never know who you’re shooting

I read this article this weekend in the NY Times about a photographer that did a shoot ten years ago with Madoff (the investor that sunk himself and many others in a scheme of epic proportions).  This had me thinking though, you never know who you’re shooting.  You never really know who they are going […]

Crummy Weather Photography

February and March are crummy weather months in much of the country.  Certainly in NY – it’s one crummy, cold, dreary, nasty, cold, snowy, cold, muddy mess of a day after another.  So I did a shoot yesterday to demonstrate the different ways to adjust your settings and equipment to get better shots on crummy […]

Storing Your Photography Equipment

When we were first starting out in photography, it was enough that we wiped our gear clean and stored it in a camera bag with a small packet of silica gel. That was until we started seeing photos of lenses with molds in them. CC Photo by the prodigal untitled13 The most important factor that […]

New Website Feature: Ask the Audience!

The feedback that we received in our recent survey called for some way that people could upload their photos to our site to get feedback or simply to show off a great picture. I am very happy to announce that we have finally got everything in place to provide this service. The service is free […]

Book Review: Digital SLR Handbook

This weekend I went to the library and I was checking out the photography books and I picked up this book by John Freeman called Digital SLR Handbook.  This book is under $14 and I have to tell you that this was the single best photography book I have read to date. John, you should be […]