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Trying to work out how twitter…

Trying to work out how twitter works! Tweet

Site Update: Comments/RSS Now Working

Hi Everyone Sorry to all those who are trying to comment and read through the RSS feeds. We have now fixed everything so feel free to comment and read away!!! Thanks Vernon Tweet

Inspiration Board Tuesday:

Above my desk you will find my Inspiration Board – as I see photos in magazines that inspire me I rip them out and post them on the board.  I spend a few relaxing minutes a day really looking at the photos that instantly grab me to figure out just what it is about the […]

Photographers in the News: A trip to Vail

Photographers are interesting.  Anyone that holds a camera up to their eye has something to say and I want to hear it.  If it’s a point and shoot, an SLR, a digital SLR or a polaroid…I’m just really curious about what it is they’re seeing.  I’m always intrigued by interviews with photographers, how they respond, […]

Catalog Printing Online – Review

I came across in my search for a one-stop shop for online printing. I was beginning to get overwhelmed with all of the options, and I was feeling very uncertain about pricing and quality. Once I came across, though, I felt much more at ease about this venture! makes online printing fun […]

Photo Editing – Process, Workflow and Balance

Here’s a fantastic question about establishing a process for editing your digital photos. I would like to know if you ever published a “rough” guide to processing/editing the photos after you have taken them. I’ve heard the term “workflow” (pardon my ignorance) which consists of the numerous steps in editing a photo. I have read […]

Review: The Canon Digital Rebel XSi/450D Companion

There are a lot of guide books on the market for different camera models. I personally find these books to be just glorified versions of the manual that comes with the camera. Unless you’re really new to photography and can’t distinguish between a shutter and function button, you’re really just wasting your money with these […]

A note from the owner!

Hi Everyone Well as Lisa announced BeyondMegapixels is under new ownership and I am super excited to have the opportunity to get involved within this community. I’d like to thank Lisa for all the great work that she has been doing behind the scenes to make sure that we continue to provide a great resource […]

Canon 5D Mark II Sample Images

Still in the process of giving the camera a proper spin but here are some sample images in the meantime. All three pictures below were shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM lens, all shot in ISO 6400. I had an off-cam flash lighting set […]

Unboxing the Canon 5D Mark II

Our long wait is over. We woke up this morning to a call from my now favorite person in the whole wide world. ‘Hi, Lisa! Your Canon 5D Mark II is now available for pick-up. It just got here this morning.’ I pledged eternal love, undying devotion, and my firstborn child to the caller, and […]