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Dear Readers

Jeff and I have some big news to share with you guys. Beyond Megapixels is changing hands. We will no longer be managing it from this point onwards. We will stay on as weekly contributing writers till the end of February though, and if schedule permits, we would love to stay on. We’ve devoted a […]

Nikon D3x Rumors

December 1 UPDATE: Nikon D3x is officially announced. Found out about it on Photography Bay. See the D3x micro site. Price is $8,000. This definitely takes the WTF of the week.UPDATE: Official Nikon D3x specs are out! See Nikon Rumors. We’re very surprised by the 6400 maximum ISO, I have to say. Sometime yesterday, the […]

Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers, All Under $100

It’s that time of the year again. I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy Christmas shopping as much this year what with the state of my wallet Oh, who am I kidding. I live for this shit. Below are relatively cheap gift ideas for your photography-inclined loved ones. Nikon Lens Pen Pro Kit$19.21We love […]

Join the Fall Photography Contest at Photography Bay

CC Photo by Per Ola WilbergRemember our post on 5 Ways to Shoot Autumn Leaves? If you went out there and took some fall pictures, you might want to join the ongoing photo contest over at Photography Bay. Photography Bay and Seagate invite you to bring your best fall photo for a chance to win […]

Printing Basics

Most people don’t print their photos anymore. We’re all getting lazy. The capability to view the photos on the camera’s LCD and manipulate images on a computer is enough for most people. However, nothing will ever replace the feeling of actually seeing and holding a print of a great photo you took. CC Photo by […]

Studying Light in Photography

We’ve recently started publishing articles concerning light and how to control it. Most beginners would think that studying light is reserved for professionals but this definitely isn’t the case. Light is the most important topic in photography because, simply put, if there’s no light then there’s no photo. In this article we will discuss the […]

Keep a Photography Journal

Sometimes when Lisa and I are out, I would get this great idea for a photograph that I would like to try out but more often than not, I’d forget it before we even get home. Fed up, I decided to start a photography journal. Lisa wanted to join me and got a Moleskine for […]

Welcome Gadget Infinity

Join us as we welcome Gadget Infinity as a sponsor of Beyond Megapixels. They are best known for the Cactus Wireless Flash Triggers. We reviewed the V2s early last week, for those who missed it. They also offer an array of photography gear and equipment at very affordable prices. ______________________ © 2007-2008 Beyond Megapixels Tweet

Weekly Linkies, 10/19/08

Here are a few things to read before the weekend is over: The Gridspot ProjectDIYPhotography.netUdi is giving away five gridspot light modifiers. All you need to do is to submit your idea on how you can use a gridspot to execute a shot. Head on over to DIYPhotography to get the complete details. Less Gear […]

Review: Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger V2s

One of the least expensive ways to get started with off-camera flash photography is by using the Cactus Wireless Triggers. The Cactus is also referred to as the Ebay trigger since this is where it first caught the attention of photographers all over the world. This wireless RF flash trigger is distributed by Gadget Infinity […]