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How to Clean Your Lenses Properly

A lot of first time dSLR users are all thinged up about their lenses getting dirty and dusty and everything. And no matter how careful you are, some amount of dust/dirt/prints do make it on to your lens (if you’re not using a filter). If you’re using a filter, you save yourself the trouble of […]

Budget Lens Recommendations: Tamron 17-50mm & Sigma 17-70mm

One major problem that a lot of people face when making the transition from P&S to dSLR is the expense involved. If you’re used to the high zoom compacts, you’ll realise that you’ll need to spend 10 times the amount (or more) to get that level of zoom with the high quality. And of course, […]


For all you Canon P&S users out there who miss the facility of RAW shooting and extra long and extra short exposures, and a host of other features, some people have been hard at work to provide you all that without buying a new camera. CHDK (which stands for Canon Hack Development Kit) is a […]

Buying your first SLR..

Most of you may know that I myself am buying my very own dSLR for the first time, and hence have been doing a whole lot of research on the topic. My research ended with this article I came across a day or two ago. In the article Vandit Kalia says “In this article, I’ve tried […]

Making a Difficult Decision: Canon EOS 450D vs. 40D

For a long time now, the top spot on my wishlist has been occupied by various models of dSLRs. Lucky for me, most of the times, whenever I’ve needed or wanted to use a dSLR, I was able to get a friend’s. But I don’t really need to say that if you’re serious, you simply […]


I’ve been working on Focus.  Focus in all aspects of my life really.  Finding your focus and blurring all the other business is my personal photo task of the month.  Let’s check out a couple shots that I like where I’ve gone.  I’m using my D700 with a fixed 50mm lens in Aperture priority mode […]

Did you say Macro? Here’s a lil’ something about them macro lenses…

After I made the last post on insect photography, one of our readers sent me an email saying that he’s not getting ‘that magnification’ with his Canon 60mm macro lens, and how should he go about trying to achieve it. This I realized is a doubt in many people’s minds, so with today’s post, I […]

Camera Phone Help

Since buying my iPhone I’ve been taking photos with it from time to time and I send them to my husband that works a lot (understatement #1 in this post). The purpose of these photos isn’t to capture the moment in complete brilliance – it’s about capturing the moment. It’s a camera that is pretty […]


Badshotitis: The condition where you are taking lots of shots using your digital camera and they are all bad.  Symptoms of badshotitis include (but are not limited to)Photographers looking at display and saying “crap”, “garbage”, “awful”.   So I fell out of love with the D700.  It’s a great camera – amazing ,really.  It’s a […]

Fun with Blocks

For the holiday weekend Lexi and I went to upstate NY for some time with my family.  My Mom has these fantastic wooden blocks that I adore and so I had a little shoot with Lexi and the blocks.  I’ve been thinking more and more about putting myself out there to photograph children and I […]