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Photography in the News: Selling your work

I’m hitting the archives this week because I had flagged this article from the NY Times a long long time ago and as I was doing some computer spring cleaning I was really thinking about this. Getty is paying people for images that are posted on Flickr.  ”Getty editors would comb Flickr in search of […]

Photographer in the News: So touching will make you teary

The article I found this morning for this post really touched me.  Here is the quick story: “Bartone, a 52-year-old professional photographer from Beechview, is hoping to lift the spirits of soon-to-be deployed military personnel and their loved ones or the families of those serving in Iraq or Afghanistan by taking their photographs and giving […]

Photography in the News: Walking Classes

Before I jump into today’s post I wanted to apologize for not posting Thursday and Friday.  I had posts scheduled to be published using the tool Windows Live! but publish they did not.  So you’ll get a double dose of Beyond Megapixels a few times this week.  Does anyone use an application to do your […]

Photography in the News: You never know who you’re shooting

I read this article this weekend in the NY Times about a photographer that did a shoot ten years ago with Madoff (the investor that sunk himself and many others in a scheme of epic proportions).  This had me thinking though, you never know who you’re shooting.  You never really know who they are going […]

Photography in the News: Groundhogs

Today is Groundhogs Day.  Not exactly a holiday – it doesn’t get me out of work and unfortunately it’s not going to make the gray of winter move along faster.  In a few minutes some well dressed man with a top hat will reach his hand into the hole of a Groundhog pull him out […]

Photography in the News: Charging Friends for Services

Many of our readers are professional photographers, some others are on the path to become professional photographers and then you have those of us that are just interested in being the best photographer we can be.  That’s what Beyond Megapixels is all about.   This weeks little nugget of news is a topic that I’m really […]

Photographer in the News: Paul Tumason

Another Monday is upon us, it’s the second in 2009 and with it business owners are struggling with these hard economic times.  Photographers are no different of course and I ran across this article about photographer Paul Tumason and his search for a new studio after a steep rent increase.  While that’s what the story was […]

Photographers in the News: A passion revisited

I’m starting to really love these posts about Photographers in the News, I’ve read some really interesting pieces because of this weekly bit and this weeks reminded me that starting again is always an option and being a new year, I thought it was poignant.  It’s about a retired professor Alan Rubin.  He had a career, […]

Photographers in the News: The subject is Farmers

Reading the news and watching the news are two entirely different experiences to me.  I don’t watch the news, it’s a bummer most of the time and the editorial spin on everything just makes me check to see if the sky really is falling out there.  But I love to read the news and I […]

Photographers in the News: Photo Booth

I have a fascination with the Photo Booth.  I have a whole collection of Photo Booth art and even though I believe in ‘living simply’ if I had a monstrously large house with a gigantic entryway I would totally buy this authentic boardwalk photo booth for the bargain price of $11,000.   I do not however have […]