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How the Heck Did They Do That?

I’d like to have a little bit of fun today. I’m going to post several photos that I found while wandering through Flickr’s Creative Commons. Each photo’s composition and/or effect is cool, and different, and not immediately obvious how it was achieved. Take a look at each photo, and perhaps formulate a guess on how […]

Long Exposure – A “Rule of Thumb” Challenge!

I’ve got a back-issue of Popular Photography Magazine sitting here in front of me (February 2009, specifically), which I was idly flipping through while talking on the phone with my husband. The cover title, “Create Magic in 5 Seconds,” caught my eye. I read the article, and decided it would be a fun challenge to […]

Photo vs. Image

Many traditional photographers consider a “photograph” as a picture that has not been retouched or altered in any way, that remains completely unedited in the original version that came straight out of the camera. Whereas an “image” is any type of photograph or picture that has been digitally altered in any way, whether that alteration […]


I’ve been working on Focus.  Focus in all aspects of my life really.  Finding your focus and blurring all the other business is my personal photo task of the month.  Let’s check out a couple shots that I like where I’ve gone.  I’m using my D700 with a fixed 50mm lens in Aperture priority mode […]

8 Brilliant Illustrations of the ‘Rule of Thirds’

I was going through some photos on Flickr, looking for some pictures to illustrate a post that I was writing, and I came across these brilliant photographs that put the ‘Rule of Thirds’ smack in your face. Just looking at them you can make out that they could not have looked better if centered. Here […]

I remember that couch.

In my photography I try to keep out some eye-sores.  For the last few weeks I haven’t picked up the camera much because about 80% of our time is spent in a room with a couch that is….what’s the word….awful. It’s comfortable and large and has soft edges so from a practical standpoint it’s great […]

I can see the light

This past weekend I was at my parents house and they have these huge sliding glass doors and I’m kind of obsessed with them and the light they cast. One morning while Lexi and I were up there I decided to stage a little photoshoot experimenting with the light.  This is Lexi with Chevy – […]

Fun with Blocks

For the holiday weekend Lexi and I went to upstate NY for some time with my family.  My Mom has these fantastic wooden blocks that I adore and so I had a little shoot with Lexi and the blocks.  I’ve been thinking more and more about putting myself out there to photograph children and I […]

You’ve got to get down.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing an outdoor shoot with my very favorite model – my daughter.  We went outside and I had a big blanket and I basically scooted Lexi around this blanket for twenty minutes while trying to persuade her that grass is not food.  A friend of mine was showing me […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday: Self Portraits

We’ll be getting back to our Vignette posts on Wednesday but for today I give you Photo Challenge #10 – the Self Portrait.   I think everyone has at one point taken a shot of themselves.  Either in the mirror or by holding the camera akwardly as far away from your face as possible.  A […]