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100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 7 – Creative Framing

Have you ever looked at a photo in a photo frame, or maybe a properly enlarged and framed picture? Doesn’t it look nicer than an unframed print on paper? What is it about a frame that makes the picture look so much nicer? Whatever it may be, the fact is that frames are a great […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 6 – Still Life

Still life and table top photography is one category that tests a photographer’s creativity as well as technical skill. It is also one that gives you an immense amount of control over your subject, from lighting to composition. You don’t necessarily need to have a studio and professional lighting equipment to practice still life photography. […]

A Crash Course in Lightning Photography

“We interrupt the 100 Steps broadcast to give you this crash course! We do not regret the inconvenience and are pretty sure you will agree!” Okay, enough jokes The other day, the weather here was very stormy. Thunder, lightning, strong winds and cars flying around! Alright, I’m kidding about the flying cars, but seriously, it […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 5 – People

Next on our list of common and popular subjects are people… of all cultures, all religions, all colours, of one humanity. People make great subjects for their expressions are priceless. But to be priceless in a picture, they need to be captured right, and that is what we aim at helping you achieve with this […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 4 – Wildlife

  Another very popular subject among photographers, wildlife is not easy to capture in its ‘element’. When you do however end up with a picture that does capture them the element, it is a feeling hard to describe, and if you’ve ever shot wildlife, you’ll agree. Getting straight to the point, here are some tips […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 2: Moods…

  “Every picture should convey a mood” said someone. And they were right. I am of the opinion that whatever you do in life, it is the ‘feel’ that matters. And when it comes to photography, dramatic and moody photographs have this instant appeal, that hooks your attention. So for our second lesson, I won’t […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 1: The Basics

And with this, we begin with the 100 Steps to Improve Your Photographs (IYP) series. All right Cadets! Time for your first lesson! Before you can become a sharp shooter, you need to know how to use your gun (which here is your camera). So we’ll start with some basic tips (where many people mess […]


Dearest readers, I’ve been thinking for some time that whatever pros may say against digital, it is for a fact that digital cameras have enabled a lot more people to explore their talents and showcase their creativity. In fact, I most probably would not have been here writing this post had it not been for […]

Freeze Time with High Speed Photography

Someone recently forwarded me an e-mail which had some fantastic pictures. One of those pictures was of a balloon popping. The photo had been timed such as to capture the burst just at the right moment. I then realised that it is impossible to manually time a shot with such accuracy. I was also reminded […]


A little something about judging a photograph… When you look at a photograph, how do you decide whether you like it or not? Ask yourself this question – is this a good picture? And consciously or subconsciously your mind tries to answer many questions that help’s it answer the first one. Judging whether a work […]