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Poll – Printing

How often do you print your photographs? Click Here for PollOnline SurveyConjoint Analysis | Polls | Email Marketing | Crowdsourcing SoftwareView MicroPoll (Go here if you cannot see this poll.) Photo credit – “Picture Frames at Photo LA” by Ricardo Diaz on Flickr Creative Commons. Tweet

Portfolio Tips

The possession of a portfolio is an integral part of selling your photographs – whether you are selling your own prints, or selling your skills as a photographer. Creating a collection of the work that you are the most proud of establishes your skills in a visual way that will draw potential clients and customers. […]

10 Tips to making your first Photo Book

If you want to preserve your photos, you should do something special. Like making your own photo book. A photo book is a great way to present your portfolio, your latest holiday, your wedding, your baby or your hobby. You can make it with a specially design photo book software, online, or in some cases […]

Putting together a display

I’m in the process of moving to an apartment.  Apartment living is great and care free in so many ways but you have that generic wall color every where and it can feel a little like an institution so I’ve been working on some photography displays for our new apartment.  Last week my husband and […]

Picwing: Sending Printed Photos Online

  Ever taken amazing pictures and wanted to share them with your family member in printed form? Now there is a way to do just that and that is with Picwing. Picwing allows you to store and manage all of your digital photos online in a gallery. Then you can send printed photos to anyone […]

Printing Basics

Most people don’t print their photos anymore. We’re all getting lazy. The capability to view the photos on the camera’s LCD and manipulate images on a computer is enough for most people. However, nothing will ever replace the feeling of actually seeing and holding a print of a great photo you took. CC Photo by […]