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Photographing wild birds

The following post was submitted by Deborah from byronbaybackyard, you can see more of her photography here. Having developed a passion for photographing wild birds, it’s been interesting to see where that process has taken me in terms of focus, specific birds and the equipment and skills needed to get good photos. For me, my […]

The BASICS of Nature Photography

The following post was submitted by Kendall Adams and you can see more of his photography here. Copyright 2010 Kendall Adams 5 key points to consider: 1. Whatever your subject matter in Nature may be, take the time to research it… thoroughly. Having a working knowledge of your subject will allow you to plan for […]

Wildlife Photography FUNdamentals

The following post was submitted by Kevin Ebi and you can see more of his photography here. Photographing wildlife can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s also extremely challenging. Even if you’re lucky enough to find the animal you’re looking for, it may not be in the mood to pose for you. The challenging times are […]

Webdesign: Stinge Sitebuilder

Over the last few months we tried to introduce a new web service where we could build sites that were custom made. This approach didn’t work and we decided to look around for another alternative where we would partner with another company. BeyondMegapixels has decided to work with Stinge Sitebuilder. Our main reason for choosing […]

Photographer Focus: Eric Syty

The following photography has been submitted by Eric Sytv and you can check out more of his photography here. This picture was taken at the christening of the wind turbine on my campus. I like it because you get to see the whole turbine and even though you can’t see their faces you wonder who […]

Photographer Focus: Devilicious-g

This post was submitted by Ghada Abdulkhaleq and you can check out more of her photography here or on her facebook fan page here.   We Dream Too I have been always in love with animals, specially cats and kittens, I do have a sweet connection with them, and most people say I do look […]

Photographer Focus: Acid Photography

This post was submitted by Alaa Sa’eed and you can check out more of their photography here. Revolution Tunnel About Revolution Tunnel: I was walking there and I was like, wow.. that looks scary even it was made to let people pass under the subway in order not to get hit by a car, it’s clearly […]

Your Shared Photos

Last week I requested that readers share the photographs that they are the most proud of. Many people responded with the work they felt was their best, or made them happiest, or that portrayed the emotion they were trying to capture. Here are five selections (I know I said three, but all of the shots […]

Share Your Photos

This is one of my own photographs that I am the most proud of, at the moment: This is a picture of the Lower Falls at Yellowstone National Park, where my husband and I vacationed last summer. I feel that the photo is composed well, gives a nice perspective with the teeny, tiny people standing […]

Manual Mode – Overcoming the Intimidation

When I first purchased my Canon Digital Rebel, a little over two years ago, it represented a significant step up from the point-and-shoot model that I owned previously. As a novice to photography, I was content to use the automated settings on the dial. For months I shot in Program Mode, which set the shutter […]