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Welcome Gadget Infinity

Join us as we welcome Gadget Infinity as a sponsor of Beyond Megapixels. They are best known for the Cactus Wireless Flash Triggers. We reviewed the V2s early last week, for those who missed it. They also offer an array of photography gear and equipment at very affordable prices. ______________________ © 2007-2008 Beyond Megapixels Tweet

Weekly Linkies, 08/21/08

Congratulations, Leah and Samantha! Thanks to everyone who joined the photography book giveaway! It was so great hearing from you guys. We took note of your article suggestions and we will be writing about those soon enough. In the meantime, we direct you to some good reads around the Internets. Creating Your Own Photography BlogPhotocritic.orgNothing […]

Weekly Linkies, 08/13/08

Hi, folks. This is Lisa again with our not-so-weekly weekly linkies. This week we’ve got contests galore on our usual haunts that you might want to join. The prizes are pretty cool. But before we get to that, I’d just like to share that we recently got featured on the new susbcribers, hello! Welcome […]

______________________ © 2007-2008 Beyond Megapixels Tweet

Beyond Megapixels after 9 Months

Hello, Beyond Megapixels readers! This is a miraculous day around these parts because it’s going to be a two-post day. (Pause for collective gasp.) I know, I know. It’s unbelievable. Anyway, we have some free time right now so I figured now would be a good time to give you readers an update on how […]

Beyond Megapixels gets Google PageRank 4

Hi, Beyond Megapixels readers! We’ve recently discovered that Google has (finally) given us PageRank 4. We’ve been popping up on the first page of photography-related searches on Google since December 2007, and now it’s official. We’ve been neglecting the blog lately, and this is just what we needed to get things going again. Ah, the […]