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Beyond Megapixels has recently been given the honor of contributing as a guest writer for the following fine websites: The Digital Photography School: – Photoshop CS3 – Adding a Neutral Density Gradient Learn how to use Photoshop CS3 to create the effect of having a neutral density gradient filter on your lens.     Your Photo […]

This Week in Photography

As reported in The Star, Polaroid devotees bring back film. With the growing popularity of digital photography, the entire industry of camera film – including Polaroid – has been suffering. Polaroid entirely discontinued the manufacture of their instant cameras and the film that goes with them. Yet an intrepid group from the Netherlands is determined […]

Five Photography Websites I Rely On

I find myself going back to the same handful of photography-oriented websites on a daily basis. I thought it would be great to share them with you all, and perhaps get some good tips from readers on the photography websites that you rely upon. In no particular order: B&H Photo. This is my go-to source, […]

Weekly linkies, 06/19/09

  People liked our weekly linkies before so we have decided to bring them back. Within the weekly linkies we will be featuring sites from the BMP links page as well as from around the industry. 15-great-jump-images Digital Photography School Some fantastic jump in the air shots courtesy of DPS The DIY Light Table – […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday – The Look of Love

It was Valentines Day last week and I’ve been seeing all kinds of pictures that have me thinking about “the look of love”.  Capturing Love is number #32 on my list.  Here are some shots that capture that look of love to me.  And at the end I have a little assignment. I think I […]

Photographers in the News and another Winner

In official business The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Photography can be claimed by commenter: PShorten.  I have sent you an e-mail with request for your address but if you haven’t gotten it please check your junk mail. I’m always interested in photo tips, who isn’t?  So this week for our Photographers in the News I bring you tips […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday: Food as Art

I love the inspiration that I find in Foodie Magazines and Blogs – the lighting, the presentation, the food it really gets me hungry.  Food photography is very difficult for many reasons the main one being you have to cook food that looks good.  It doesn’t stop me from trying though and this week I’m […]

Point & Shoot Cameras

The Point & Shoot camera is a very important part of my life.  I have a Point & Shoot with me at all times.  Having a baby means that I carry approximately 15 tons of stuff with me at all times and the SLR is just not always appropriate or convenient to carry along.  There is nothing more overwhelming […]

Weekly Linkies, 10/19/08

Here are a few things to read before the weekend is over: The Gridspot ProjectDIYPhotography.netUdi is giving away five gridspot light modifiers. All you need to do is to submit your idea on how you can use a gridspot to execute a shot. Head on over to DIYPhotography to get the complete details. Less Gear […]

Weekly Linkies, 09/27/08

The last giveaway is now closed. Thousands of subscribers and only eight entries. Dude. On the bright side, we appreciate the entries even more because there were so few of them. Thanks to everyone who joined! As for the rest, we’d love to hear your suggestions so we can offer better things next time around. […]