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Four Things Photography Has Taught Me

1. Patience.  It has never been my strong suit. Yet it is absolutely required to first learn photography, then to exercise what you’ve learned. I used to get frustrated because I couldn’t make the shot happen – the one that I envisioned within my mind’s eye. Now, I try more often (it’s still a work […]

Photography Workshops

A small sampling of photography workshops happening around the world: Santa Fe Photographic Workshops hosts a myriad of photography workshops all around the globe. Locations include Rome, Albuquerque New Mexico (balloon festival), Spain, Australia, and Peru. Enrollment is limited, so apply early for the location of your choice. Tuition and fees vary by location. Popular […]

In Honor of the Labor Day Holiday (US)

I hope everyone is having a fun, relaxing, SAFE holiday weekend! Photo Credits (in order of appearance): – “Relaxing”. Photo by liquene on Flickr Creative Commons. – “Relaxing on the Kamo.” Photo by MShades on Flickr Creative Commons. – “Relax.” Photo by Seo2 on Flickr Creative Commons. – “Silver Evening”. Photo by ajawin on Flickr […]

My Dream Photo Studio

When it comes to photography equipment, I’ve had a nasty case of “Want Disease” for just about my entire life. Waaaaaay back in the day, before digital photography, I wanted my own darkroom. An enlarger, developing trays, chemical sinks, black bags, the whole nine yards. I envisioned myself cast in the red glow of the […]

Gems – Black and White

I wanted to share some great black and white photographs that I’ve come across during this week’s perusal of Flickr’s “Creative Commons”. Most of these are from amateur and hobbyist photographers who have a great eye for composition and a natural talent. I’d like to acknowledge these photographers for their creativity. For more incredible black […]

Five Photography Websites I Rely On

I find myself going back to the same handful of photography-oriented websites on a daily basis. I thought it would be great to share them with you all, and perhaps get some good tips from readers on the photography websites that you rely upon. In no particular order: B&H Photo. This is my go-to source, […]

Prajneet (RIP): A great person, photographer and friend.

Over the last few months I have had the privilege to work with a great person in Prajneet. Prajneet was passionate about photography and he loved writing for BMP, he especially loved interacting with the community. I tried to find the original application form that Prajneet sent me when applying for the BMP blogger position. […]

Photography is exhilarating in my opinion.

It’s moving, beautiful, horrific, and especially thought provoking.So many things go into taking a photo.  These days photography seems to be more popular than ever, with Myspace and Facebook giving users the opportunity to post pictures of whatever they like.I find photography to be an amazing form of art, nothing like it’s cousins. One picture […]

Getting Pro Equipment at half price!

Photography is without a doubt, a very expensive hobby, especially if your hobby doesn’t earn you anything (which of course would make it a profession and not a hobby). Anyways, the fact is that not everyone can afford all the expensive equip involved. But it is also a fact that many do end up with […]

10 Most Annoying Things to Say to a Wildlife Photographer

Have you ever had someone look at a picture that you took (as a result of a lot of observation, preparation, patience, and dirty laundry) and say “Man, that is one sweet.. (you expect ‘photo’).. camera you have!” I used to stay silent and disappointed earlier. Now I simply say “Yea. Here, take the camera, […]