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Beyond the childhood clichés

Firstly, thanks Vernon for the invite to do a spot of guest writing here on BMP! Out of all the topics I could possibly write about in the vast photographic world- I have decided just on the spur of the moment, to write about the psychology and sociology of the children’s portraiture photo session and […]

What the Duck!

I had a great start to the week, when a friend sent me a link to this comic strip featuring a photographer duck! Many of you may have heard of it earlier, but many may have not, which is why the post. I’ve never been a comic book fanatic, but yeah I’ve read my share […]

Photographer Diaries: A Special Thank You Note!

The moment of truth is finally here. What I’ve been working for for the past ‘seems like forever’ long.. that which has given me sleepless nights.. that which had given me good dreams and nightmares (the last of which I had a couple of hours back!).. that which will be my most prized possession (along […]

Survey: Please give feedback!

 Hi Everyone Below are a number of questions that I would appreciate you answering. Feedback is the only thing I can use to measure how well the site is doing. If you would like to give more feedback please add a comment to the post. Tweet

Photographer Diaries: The disadvantages of having an SLR..

An odd topic to be talking about, and with answers that are pretty obvious too, but since I love reading what all of our wonderful readers have to say, I want to share this with you. There’s absolutely no doubt about the fact that dSLRs are fantastic devices, outperforming any P&S out there. The colours, […]

Weekly linkies, 06/19/09

  People liked our weekly linkies before so we have decided to bring them back. Within the weekly linkies we will be featuring sites from the BMP links page as well as from around the industry. 15-great-jump-images Digital Photography School Some fantastic jump in the air shots courtesy of DPS The DIY Light Table – […]

Turn Your Portland Event From So-So to So Cool By Renting a Photo Booth!

So you have everything you need for your event on your checklist, right? Decorations, drinks, food, music, all the furniture and flowers the area can possibly hold, but something’s missing. Sure, there’s a photographer, and maybe even your cousin Fred with his camcorder, going around taking down everyone’s thoughts on the event, –but of course, […]

Memories… The first step in my photographic journey…

Hello beautiful people! I have a question for you. Do you remember the first picture you took? The first vacation you went on with your own camera? The first photo trip with fellow shutterbugs? Tell tell.. I was rummaging through my old desk drawer and I came across a photo album. Inside that photo album, […]

“Perspectives” – iPhone Photo 101

I invested in my first iPhone last October. Ever since then I have been taking photos with it everywhere I go. Sometimes I take them while on assignment for another job, but often times I take them when I don’t have another camera handy to make a quick photo with. It has served me well […]

When nobody is looking.

It has finally happened.  People are so used to me with a camera in front of my face they don’t look at me.  They are now forced to operate as usual – the forced smiles, the phony looks, the staged placement are gone.  And now I’m getting the shots that make my heart strings pull […]