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Website Upgrade!

Hi All Work has just started on upgrading our site and will hopefully take a few hours! Thanks Tweet

It’s like Bubba Gump Shrimp

Sometimes, with enough coffee, I turn into the guy from Forest Gump that rattles off 15,000 ways to prepare shrimp.  Today I had a Bubba Gump moment when I was talking about different types of photographers.  There are a lot of different types of photographers. Paparazzi Family Children Wedding Studio  Senior Portraits Real Estate Nature […]

Competition Time: Canvas Prints – Now Closed

The guys over at Uprinting have decided to run another small competition especially for BeyondMegapixels. These guys do some cool canvas printing so I look forward to seeing the lucky winner’s canvas. How to Enter: Leave a comment at the end of this blog post, describing what you would use the free canvas print for. […]

NYIP: Photography School

Photography is something that many people have found interest in. Some people have even made successful careers out of photography. There are many things that go into photography and the understanding of photography. To help people understand photography, there have been many places that offer classes that can be taken to help enhance the understanding […]

Corporate Headshot

Over the last decade working in Internet Marketing I have seen my fair share of Corporate Headshots.  If you’re an executive then you either have or should have a corporate headshot to feature on webpages, facebook, or for your biography.  But what makes a good work headshot – what should your photo shoot include?  Here’s […]

Photography in the News: Make me a memory

News on photography was a little light this morning but one topic that everyone is talking about is making what was considered old and outdated new again.  Finding the thrill that you get when you use film and you’re waiting for your photos to be developed.  Do you remember your first camera?  What was it? […]

Playing with Toy Cameras for Inspiration

Lisa and I have been dabbling with toy cameras for the past week. She learned photography with film so it was more or less familiar. I, on the other hand, am a product of the digital age. I started shooting with a Canon S2IS before eventually moving onto DSLRs so this was a very new […]

Is looking for photographers w…

Is looking for photographers who would like to contribute to Beyondmegapixels. Tweet

Is looking for feedback and co…

Is looking for feedback and comments from the Beyondmegapixels community so that he can make his blog better! Tweet

New Site Features

Hi Everyone Couple of new features below that I have just added to our site! Twitter: You can follow our site on this site by using this link. Social Media: Below each post we have inserted social media book marks. I would really encourage everyone to submit our articles so that we can get more […]