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Book Review: Digital SLR Handbook

This weekend I went to the library and I was checking out the photography books and I picked up this book by John Freeman called Digital SLR Handbook.  This book is under $14 and I have to tell you that this was the single best photography book I have read to date. John, you should be […]

fotoflōt winner is…. drum roll please

The winner of the $70 gift certificate from fotoflōt is Johan.  Congratulations and let us know how much you enjoy your fotoflōt prize.  A few questions came in since the post and I thought I should address them here. Question the First:  Do you like how they look in your home? Answer the First: I would love […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday – The Look of Love

It was Valentines Day last week and I’ve been seeing all kinds of pictures that have me thinking about “the look of love”.  Capturing Love is number #32 on my list.  Here are some shots that capture that look of love to me.  And at the end I have a little assignment. I think I […]

Photographers in the News: Professional Associations

In checking out the news for photography I found it to be a little light this week and then I found this gem of an article about how to find a professional wedding photographer.  I love these kinds of articles because it tells me what I need to think about as I’m working on business […]

Survey: Feedback Needed!

In order for us to respond to your feedback we need to run a series of short surveys. Please take the time to answer the questions below. A lot of people asked for help with regards to critiquing photos and providing lessons, this is something that we would be interested in creating for our site […]

Review: fotoflōt

The very nice people at fotoflōt sent me a few pictures using their patent pending photo display system to review.  They’ve also been so kind as to provide a $70 gift certificate – the price of a 10×15 fotoflōt to a lucky reader that comments on this post.   Here’s how it works in a nutshell.  You create […]

My Great World

Do you love to travel and always take loads of pictures while traveling? Then there is an amazing new site that you should check out. It is called MyGreatWorld and it is a new startup site for just those people who love to travel with their digital cameras. After first seeing the site, it looks […]

Review of the Canon EOS 40D

For four lovely days last week I was a Canon user I had rented the Canon EOS 40D with a 24-70 mm 1:2.8 lens.  I have to say that I expected to hate it.  I expected to use it for an hour or less and then grab my Nikon for the rest of the weekend. […]

Americans in Paris: Advertisement

Many people enjoy traveling but don’t like all the planning that has to go into traveling. There are many things that you have to try and remember to do and then many people try and search all over the place for the best deal. There are several places that can help you accomplish this searching […]

Small Competition Winners

All I can say is WOW! Thanks everyone for the great feedback. There were so many great ideas and suggestions; I really appreciate each and every one of them. Every piece of feedback will be implemented into the site in the coming weeks. The one idea that actually won the competition was submitted by 3 […]