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Inspiration Tuesday: Jeff Lynch

I have started to write this post no fewer then 33 times and I can’t seem to come up with words for the feelings that come to the surface when I see this photo by Jeff Lynch.  I guess this is what “they” mean when “they” say a picture is worth a thousand words.   […]

Photographers in the News and another Winner

In official business The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Photography can be claimed by commenter: PShorten.  I have sent you an e-mail with request for your address but if you haven’t gotten it please check your junk mail. I’m always interested in photo tips, who isn’t?  So this week for our Photographers in the News I bring you tips […]

Small Competition

I am looking for some suggestions of how to improve our site. These suggestions can be anything from new features, growing our reader base to changing our content. Prize: I will look to purchase a book or provide a voucher for the best suggestion. Please use the contact form here to submit your answers! The […]

Commercial love day right around the corner

Valentines Day is 8 days away.  Is it a commercial holiday?  Yes.  Does everyone want flowers and chocolate?  No.  Here is my official Valentines Day guide for a person you love that also loves Photography.   This is a decorative camera strap by Cotton Candy available on it is reversible and, I think you’ll agree,  VERY […]

Book Review: BetterPhoto Guide to Digital Photography

As mentioned earlier I am reviewing the BetterPhoto book series and I started off with the first book The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Photography.  Overall I would say that this book was a good read and at under $17.00 it’s a great introductory look into Digital Photography.   The book is full of glossy photographs […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday: Food as Art

I love the inspiration that I find in Foodie Magazines and Blogs – the lighting, the presentation, the food it really gets me hungry.  Food photography is very difficult for many reasons the main one being you have to cook food that looks good.  It doesn’t stop me from trying though and this week I’m […]

What’s up with the Adverts!

A few people of have contacted me with regards to the adverts that we have running on the site. I primarily run these adverts because it’s by and large our largest source of income for the site apart. It’s my plan to only run these adverts on Sundays to keep disruption to minimum. If we […]

Federal Criminal Lawyer: Advert

Federal charges can be a scary time for anyone. You don’t know what to expect when you are up against federal criminal charges. The first thing that usually comes into mind is that you have to find a good federal criminal lawyer. There are hundreds of places that you can choice from, depending on where […]

Criminal Attorney: Advert

Do you need to find a criminal attorney because you or a family member is facing criminal charges? There are many law offices that specialize specifically in criminal law. Each law office will offer different services and have different levels of experience. If you live in Los Angeles there is a law office for your […]

Friday’s Find: Guitar Strap Shoulder Pad – Gel

When we were travelling I delegated the camera bag holding to my husband.  It’s heavy and I delegate heavy things to him until he starts to complain.  The traditional two handle camera bag that I’m using was just not working so I found this strap through Amazon it’s a Guitar Strap Shoulder Pad with GEL. […]