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Point & Shoot Cameras

The Point & Shoot camera is a very important part of my life.  I have a Point & Shoot with me at all times.  Having a baby means that I carry approximately 15 tons of stuff with me at all times and the SLR is just not always appropriate or convenient to carry along.  There is nothing more overwhelming […]

BOOK CONTEST: BetterPhoto Guide

Great news for you Makayla who won the book!  More book contests to come! Amazon accidentally shipped me two copies of the The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Photography (Amphoto Guide Series) that I mentioned earlier this week.   So we’re going to have a contest.  Leave a comment and on Friday, January 3oth at 12pm EST I’ll use […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday: I got lost in Flickr

I don’t have loads of free time so when I get lost it’s a problem.  I was lost in Flickr today.  For hours.  Our Beyond Megapixels group grew to more then 40 people in the past week and I’ve been inspired over and over again by all of your incredible images of Leading Lines.  Have you joined […]

Photography books by BetterPhoto

In the quest of being the best photographer you can be a good guide book to learn from is a great resource. In the month of February I’ll be reviewing the following books all brought to you by BetterPhoto – as I finish reading these books anyone that comments on the review will be up […]

Photography in the News: Charging Friends for Services

Many of our readers are professional photographers, some others are on the path to become professional photographers and then you have those of us that are just interested in being the best photographer we can be.  That’s what Beyond Megapixels is all about.   This weeks little nugget of news is a topic that I’m really […]

Many people do their best to find the best deal, they can ever time they go out shopping. With the ever weakening economy, it has become more and more important to find different ways of saving money. There are several different ways of saving money and they all have different outcomes. You can cut out […]

Photo Challenges and Flickr

After my last post about Leading Lines I received a lot of e-mails about my list of photo challenges and about our Flickr Group so lets answer some questions: 1. How many items are on your list?  It grows every single day and I have 243 items on the list now.  It started out with […]

Sell Back Your Books: Advert

Done with all your classes for the semester but not sure what to do with those textbooks you don’t want to lug home. No more wasting gas money to go back to school to sell the books back to the people that come at the end of the semesters. Now there is a website that […]

Cute Kid Contest – Advert

          Think you have one of the cutest kids around. Then you should look into the Cute Kid Contest. They take photos of kids from all across America and then vote on them. There are benefits for your child if your child is the winner of the contest. It is also […]

Bottle Cap Tripod – Advert

  There is always that person on your present buying list that has everything. So you have to go hunting everywhere for that unique gift that you are sure they don’t have yet. Well the Bottle Cap Tripod is surely a unique gift to buy for that person that has everything. This tripod can be […]