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Join the Fall Photography Contest at Photography Bay

CC Photo by Per Ola WilbergRemember our post on 5 Ways to Shoot Autumn Leaves? If you went out there and took some fall pictures, you might want to join the ongoing photo contest over at Photography Bay. Photography Bay and Seagate invite you to bring your best fall photo for a chance to win […]

Keep a Photography Journal

Sometimes when Lisa and I are out, I would get this great idea for a photograph that I would like to try out but more often than not, I’d forget it before we even get home. Fed up, I decided to start a photography journal. Lisa wanted to join me and got a Moleskine for […]

Welcome Gadget Infinity

Join us as we welcome Gadget Infinity as a sponsor of Beyond Megapixels. They are best known for the Cactus Wireless Flash Triggers. We reviewed the V2s early last week, for those who missed it. They also offer an array of photography gear and equipment at very affordable prices. ______________________ © 2007-2008 Beyond Megapixels Tweet

Weekly Linkies, 10/19/08

Here are a few things to read before the weekend is over: The Gridspot ProjectDIYPhotography.netUdi is giving away five gridspot light modifiers. All you need to do is to submit your idea on how you can use a gridspot to execute a shot. Head on over to DIYPhotography to get the complete details. Less Gear […]

An Introduction to Stock Photography

Before, when ad agencies or publishers needed photographic content for a project, they would hire a photographer. In past years, this practice has been slowly replaced with stock photos. Stock photos are images that are licensed out for specific purposes. These images are stored in image banks or libraries where anyone can purchase the rights […]

Weekly Linkies, 09/27/08

The last giveaway is now closed. Thousands of subscribers and only eight entries. Dude. On the bright side, we appreciate the entries even more because there were so few of them. Thanks to everyone who joined! As for the rest, we’d love to hear your suggestions so we can offer better things next time around. […]

Freebie: Share a Photography Tip for a Chance to Win a $50 Gift Card

We’re all about sharing our photography tips and tricks here at Beyond Megapixels because we like making information accessible for all. Now we’re asking you, dear readers, to share some of yours. As you know, when you purchase something from through our links, we receive a small commission for those sales which helps keep […]

Canon Announces EOS 5D Mark II

A lot of people have been wondering when the replacement of the 5D would come out. I remember reading a lot of rumors online about the so-called Canon 6D and when the estimated launch would be. The long wait is finally over folks. Canon has just announced the release of the Canon 5D Mark II. […]

Lessons in Photography and Life from The Duck

Every now and then, we like going through the What The Duck archives. They’re so amazingly spot on and we often find ourselves laughing out loud. Here are four lessons from The Duck: 1. You’ll have a hard time finding something that insults a photographer more than being told, Those are nice pictures! That must […]

Weekly Linkies, 09/01/08

Put Your Picture on the Cover of a Lonely Planet Travel GuidePhotopreneurCompetition ends on September 8 so you best get moving if you want to join. Here’s What I Think of Your PicturesA Photo EditorRob tells you what he thinks of your pictures: “I want to see something real. I want to see something I […]