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DIY Elastic Monopod: Illustrated: Part 2

Here are some pictures to give you a better idea about the DIY Elastic Monopod. I couldn’t find a black elastic so had to settle for a white one, but my preference is definitely black J STEP 1: Collect the ingredients‚Ķ Elastic, a bolt (1/4″-20) and two nuts ¬† Step 2: Punch 2 holes at […]

$2 + 10 minutes = Sharper pictures! With a DIY Elastic Monopod! Part 1

Low light and camera shake are any photographer’s kryptonite, whether novice or professional. And since we cannot do anything about low light in most cases, we photographers try our best to minimize the menace of camera shake. Most cameras and lenses today have built-in image stabilization that helps in reducing shake, but that is not […]