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Your Photographic Style – Contest Finalists

Hello everyone! The finalists for the “Your Photographic Style” contest have been chosen! Please vote below, or click here to vote for your favorite between now and December 6th! (WordPress is defying me, otherwise the poll would be embedded here.) (Edited 2:26pm – looks like it’s working now!) You can click on each photo within […]

Poll – Flash Photography

How often do you use a flash in your photography? Click Here for PollOnline SurveyConjoint Analysis | Polls | Email Marketing | Crowdsourcing SoftwareView MicroPoll If you cannot see this poll, go here to participate. Photo Credit: “Studio Works” by Krystiano on Flickr Creative Commons. Tweet

Poll – Your Dream Photography Job

If you could have any kind of photography job in the world, what would it be? Click Here for PollOnline SurveyConjoint Analysis | Polls | Email Marketing | Crowdsourcing SoftwareView MicroPoll Problems with this poll? Go here to participate. Photo Credit: “Fort Williams Park” by Tiffany Joyce. Tweet

Poll – Photo Editing

Long time readers of Beyond Megapixels are aware of this particular author’s loyalty towards Adobe Photoshop products. As a fledgling post-processor, PS CS3 was a bit intimidating, but now that I know it I feel that I can master just about any post-processing software, given time. In fact, I will be posting a review, then […]

Poll – Hobbyist, Amateur, or Professional?

We at Beyond Megapixels constantly strive to provide our readers with articles that are geared toward their specific interests. With that in mind, we have been posting monthly polls on a number of subjects in order to better know and understand our readers. This month’s poll is regarding the capacity in which our readers use […]

Poll: Natural light vs. Studio light

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a comparison to look at the pros and cons between shooting portraits (or other subjects) in natural light and shooting them in a studio with a full lighting set-up. Both are equally valid methods to approach photography and both have their good points and bad points. Naturally there are some situations […]

Poll – Your Dream Photography Vacation

One of the things that I love the most about travel is the opportunity to photograph new subjects and new places. As Sherry wrote about in yesterday’s post, I can get all annoying while on vacation, in my quest to photograph every little nuance of our travels. I think the highest destination on my list […]

Poll – Your Favorite Articles

Hello, friends! In an effort to continue to improve upon the content of this site and the articles I write, I would like to ask your opinion about the types of articles that you enjoy reading the most. I try to mix things up between personal stories and experiences, post-processing tutorials, shooting techniques, book and […]

Poll – What Will You Photograph Next?

As photographers, we are always trying to expand our horizons and break free from our comfort zones. We at Beyond Megapixels would like to know, what photography subject will you challenge yourself with next? Vote in our poll, and leave more details in the comments! Click Here for PollOnline SurveyEnterprise Feedback Management | Website Polls […]

Poll – Your Next Lens

We’re taking a poll to find out what the hot new lens purchases for 2010 are going to be. Click Here for PollOnline Survey | Website Polls | Email Marketing | Crowdsourcing SoftwareView MicroPoll I want my next lens purchase to be a fast zoom lens, something along the lines of a Canon EF-S 17-55mm […]