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Camera Etiquette at Weddings

We’ve all seen it. It usually doesn’t happen until the reception but all of a sudden people pull out their cameras and start firing away. You would have thought the paparazzi had arrived. I’ve seen people three-deep around the table where the bride and groom are preparing to cut the wedding cake. So crowded that […]

Weekend link love

As much as I love to write about photography – not to mention get out there to shoot my own photos! – I also really enjoy spending part of my evening browsing around and looking at other beautiful work out there. There was a time that depressed me a bit. I’d think, “look at how […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 13 – Weddings

I was at a friend’s place the other day, going through his sister’s wedding album, and I realised that weddings happen to be a very common theme on which people often seek photography tips. After all, your wedding (or weddings ) is one thing you will always want to remember, and will treasure for the […]