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Winner: Best Macro Shot

Wow! We received some truly incredible entries for the Best Macro Shot contest! In fact, we had more entries for this contest than for any other contest that we’ve ever held on this site! Choosing the winner was really tough, so before I announce who that is, I would like to share some of the […]

Contest Winner!

Hi friends! The winner of the “Single Flash Drama” contest is… Anand Yashwanth! Click to view the full sized version. Anand’s excellent use of flash to freeze both the motion of the strawberry, and the dip and splash of the water, combined with the flawless white background, really exemplifies the skilled use of light to […]

fotoflōt winner is…. drum roll please

The winner of the $70 gift certificate from fotoflōt is Johan.  Congratulations and let us know how much you enjoy your fotoflōt prize.  A few questions came in since the post and I thought I should address them here. Question the First:  Do you like how they look in your home? Answer the First: I would love […]